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Ever been caught in a ditch?  Don’t worry – you’re not alone.  Numerous vehicle owners have had the frustrating experience of having their cars become stuck in a snow bank or ditch.  Worse part is:  most vehicles aren’t equipped to drive out of these types of situations.  These are the times you wish you had access to a winch.

Winching is among the most common and easiest ways of retrieving a stuck vehicle.  Well-equipped towing and recovery companies such as A1 Tow Truck of Omaha should be able to provide reliable and prompt roadside assistance equipped with solid winch capabilities whenever you need it.

But what is winching exactly, and when do you need it? The following is a short overview of winching, including what is involved, when you might need it, and whether it is safe for your car or not.

What is a winch? 

Winching might be necessary if other roadside assistance and vehicle recovery services are unsafe or fail.  A majority of wrecker services try using conventional towing methods prior to resorting to winch a vehicle from a dangerous situation.  Whenever a vehicle gets stuck on a step incline or a dangerous situation like having suffered serious damage or flood, it might be easier and safer to attach a two cable to the vehicle and winch it to safety instead of driving or towing it out of the situation.

Winching is an effective and safe vehicle recovery method that is offered by a majority of roadside assistance services.  Professional roadside assistance staff have the necessary skill, expertise and training to use winching to retrieve your vehicle without damaging your vehicle or its undercarriage.  In some situations, winching is safer and easier that traditional recovery or towing methods.

When is it necessary to use one?

Almost exclusively, winching is used to remove vehicles from ditches or snow banks. So, here in Texas, really just the former.Winch and Recovery

Why is winching the superior method to remove a vehicle from a ditch?

First, it’s easier to hook a cable that is running horizontally to the bottom of a vehicle than it is a tow chain that is running vertically.

Just think about it…

A car stuck in a roadside ditch will be at an awkward angle. Though, its front or rear wheels will be able to gain traction and roll out once they are tugged out of the stuck position or once momentum is on their side. Therefore, pulling the vehicle horizontally will be aided by the wheels once they gain traction. This makes for a quick and easy solution.

The traditional towing method would pull the vehicle upward and would not be aided by the wheels. The car would come straight up, creating a challenge for the tow operators to flatten it back onto the ground. It can be done; however, with more complexity than winching.

Is winching safe?

On that same note, winching puts less pressure on the vehicle than does traditional towing. Again, because it is helped in part by the wheels. Less pressure and less force mean more damage control. It’s a basic towing method, really—very difficult to screw up. At the hands of our professional towers, we can guarantee every vehicle will be removed from a ditch with no harm (besides the harm done by driving it into the ditch).

If the part of the vehicle that the chain is hooked to is secure and sturdy, there should be no issues completing a successful winch and recovery


Winch Out Recovery Cost?

Winch & Recovery prices will vary as will each situation so be sure to call with the most information you can give possible so that we may get you back on the road.

Getting stuck in a ditch can be scary, and can play out to be a very frustrating situation the longer you are stuck waiting for help to arrive. We understand the frustration, give us a call immediately so we can free you from the stuck.

When bad things happen to vehicles, we are here to assist. Giving us a clear picture of your current situation as best possible will help us to assist you better in what’s going on.

Key information your dispatcher will need to know is how far from the road or hard surface the vehicle is away in feet. This helps drivers to better understand the situation before arriving as there are specialized winch out equipment not needed with every job.

If you have ever got stuck in the ice, slush, snow, mud, or sandy clay on the side of the road, then you know how difficult it is to get yourself out. With Hampton Roads finest, you’re just a call or click away from getting a fast, safe winch out and towing recovery service.

We work hard to get your automobile out of the ditch and back on the road. If it needs to be towed away, then a flatbed tow truck will haul it away to the location of your choosing. This falls into the light duty towing services we provide, click or call us for more information.


Which winch is right for me?

Typically, most winch manufacturers will suggest you should calculate the winch rating by taking the vehicle weight and multiplying it by 1.5 and that would be your minimum winch size. But this minimum rating is just that, a minimum. Certain factors can quickly cause your winch capacity to be exceeded so you need to think about your intended usage. Click here for more information.

How can I get my winch to “free spool” (or power the cable out) with a load attached?

If you have retrieved a vehicle up an incline (or pulled your vehicle-with the winch attached to the front bumper-up an incline), the power out function of the cable may not work if there is still a “load force” on the wire cable. The winch is designed to pull vehicles. Many people use the winch as a “tie-down” after the “pulling” is done. Greg Smith Equipment recommends that other “tie down” methods be used rather than the winch cable. If you are using your winch as a “tie down”, then you must relieve cable tension for the wire cable to be “free spooled” or powered out. The brake action of the Atlas winch is working properly, and not allowing the winch cable to be pulled from the spool. If you were pulling a vehicle on level ground (not up an incline), then once the “pulling action” stopped, the winch cable could be powered out; because there would be NO tension on the cable….. and the brake would not be engaged. It may be difficult to “un-weight” a vehicle on an incline…but it must be done to disengage the brake and allow the cable to be powered out. Think of a tightly stretched ratchet strap being used to “tie down” and object. The teeth of the ratchet act like the “brake” of the winch. You must “pull back” on the metal ratchet ears of the ratchet to disengage the ratchet teeth; so that the strap may be loosened. Same theory applies to a winch cable that is attached to load exerting force on the wire rope.

Will my vehicle need to be towed away?

If your car is stuck in mud, snow or in a ditch a winch out would be appropriate. Keep in mind with recovery’s if the car has encountered damage to the drivetrain we can tow it to a repair shop.

How do I sign up for recurring services?

There are two ways to sign up for recurring services: Use this link to enter your name and email address and we will set everything up from there. If you want to automatically charge your card each time use this link

How much does the service cost?

We operate on a flat rate basis given the type of service you need. For most standard services start at $65.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash on the day of service, checks on the day of service, or credit card/PayPal online. To make a payment with credit/card PayPal book online at or use this payment page for a specialized payment: Our online payments are processed by PayPal, but to use a credit card there, please select “Don’t have PayPal.